Monday, February 23, 2009

Song Ruyi - Catalogue Introduction

In Celebration of Nv Art, series 4: women’s handiwork

As a Chinese woman, I am very delighted to see an art exhibition by women artists making its debut in Beijing on March 8, 2009, bringing with it five witty, intelligent and unique women artists from Australia, China and Japan, along with their works, in so sprightly a fashion.

On many occasions have records of cultural exchanges been made between Japan, Australia and China, attesting to the cultural tolerance of these countries and peoples. Today, five women artist have stepped over the boundary of nationality and geography and, with their perceptive eyes, indulgent bosoms and benevolent hearts, have created works of art that are overwhelmingly appealing and thought provoking. They have contributed to a world that is being increasingly depleted both in natural resources and in soul. Their deeds and works are to be recorded, heeded and advocated.

Born in the turbulent 1970s, I grew up in the thriving 1980s. In the past 20 *** (which I still can not accurately define) years, I had my feet firmly planted on the solid Chinese soil and I spared no pains in perceiving the world and in making friends. I am indebted to Denise for her sincere invitation to participate in the exhibition. This has given me an opportunity to take part in an event that unites numerous excellent women artists the world over. Please allow me to join you in initiating a “red” whirlwind that will cross both geography and history and come to households beyond count.

Text by Song Ruyi
Date: Feb. 20, 2009



Ruyi Song Resume

RuYi Song , female , birth in 1972 , census register Beijing
Mobile phone: 131 266 85718

Education experience

At least five years Landscape architectural experience; Bachelor's degree of Chinese language study and education specialty , Graduate student degree in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design field.

Capital Normal University, Chinese department, Obtains the literature bachelor's degree.

Beijing Forestry University /Botanical garden institute、Graduate School,Urban planning and design specialty, Obtains the engineering course master's degree.

Once obtained the reward

in January, 2007 Obtains the Beijing Plan Committee third session of youths to plan the teacher architect oratorical contest second prize

in November, 2008 Obtains Beijing Science and technology Association to sponsor, eighth session of youth academic oratorical contest second prize

Publishes the paper

"Beijing's Old city Transformation Should Slowing down Step",Beijing Forestry University journal (society branch version) in March, 2004

"the poetic sentiment mind's East explains------Luis Barragan construction and botanical garden",

"designer note------Discusses designer's social function and the information transmission",The 13th session of capital urban planning architectural design report plan elects up to the Beijing third session of youths to plan the architect oratorical contest to discuss the literary selections (Tianjin University Publishing house) in January, 2008

Work Experience
2006-2007 Executive Director of Architecture Environment Design Institute Landscape &Garden Studio in Academy of Arts & Design,Tsinghua University

2008- Suppport Director of Honest Fame International Art Investment Consultant Co.,LTD

宋 如 意 简 历

移动:131 266 85718

1990-1994 首都师范大学中文系 获文学学士学位
1998-2003 北京林业大学园林学院、北京林业大学研究生院 城市规划与设计专业 获工科硕士学位

2007年1月 获得北京市规划委员会第三届青年规划师建筑师演讲比赛二等奖
2008年11月 获得北京市科技协会主办,第八届青年学术演讲比赛 二等奖


《诗意心灵的东方解读------Luis Barragan的建筑与园林》


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