Monday, February 23, 2009

Denise keele-bedford 德妮丝) (澳大利亚)

24/7 take a look

I look around and everywhere there is advertising in some form or another. Massive billboards advertising the latest in shoe fashion, cars, techno gadgets, everything for the consumer to spend their money.
In suburban Beijing a ubiquitous advertising board is made from printed vinyl stretched over a framework and illuminated from the inside. I see these along the many narrow streets attached to the sides of buildings and standing on footpaths, their bright red colours prominent during daylight hours and the advertising text lit at night.
They advertise the business, its attributes and products, promoting the positive aspects and inviting closer investigation.

I am intrigued with the 24/7 concept showing that the advertised is available 24 hours per day 7 days per week, is there no time for rest.
When I think of women we are much the same, 24/7 feminine, female with all the attributes of ‘the other’ human species participating on this earth.

These female advertising boards are not intended to separate you from your hard earned money or to shower you with the latest and best of design and technology. BUT
‘24/7 – take a look’ is celebrating women, advertising their attributes, promoting the positive aspects and inviting closer investigation 24hours per day 7 days per week.

24/7 看一看




这些女性的广告牌并非想把来之不易的金钱从你手中夺走,也不是想把你置于最新和最好的设计和技术的枪林弹雨之中。然而,“24/7 – 看一看”颂扬女性、展示她们的特点、崇尚积极的方面并邀请人们每周二十四小时对其近距离的审视。

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