Monday, February 23, 2009

Lucille Yuk Yin Lo 卢玉燕) (中国, 香港)

Contemporary ‘Nu Yishu’

In the past, the term ‘Nu Yishu’ in China was interpreted as women’s needle work - embroideries or sewing – proper activities for ladies during leisure in their secluded homes. Nowadays in the contemporary world, women’s occupations have extended far beyond their predecessors’ domestic engagements to participate in the competitive arenas of the financial market. Thus Lucille’s work on ‘Nu Yishu’ attempts to manifest modern-day women’s participation in the sophisticated number games in the financial world of today. Reflective of the Taoist principles, the strategy of ‘burnt and loss’ aims to bring out the philosophical implication of nothingness and impermanence in this secular world.



Lucille Yuk Yin Lo began her art career in contemporary Chinese painting in the 1980’s. Eventually she received her MFA from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University in 2004. Her current work focuses on social consciousness and phenomena in contemporary Hong Kong, attempting to depict the city’s subtle shift in social outlook as well as to reflect the conscientious search and the gradual reconstruction of identity in post 1997 era. Lucille’s visual expressions are presented both in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional formats. Over the years, Lo has won several awards, completed commissioned works for hotels and has exhibited in museums and galleries both internationally and locally. Her work is collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, The University Museum and Art Gallery in Hong Kong, Hyatt Hotel Hangzhou , Crown Plaza Hotel Macau, Forsberg A.G., Switzerland, Debevoise & Plimpton, Shanghai Office, Pacific Club, Bangkok, Norman Ko Art Collections, other big corporations as well as local and overseas private individuals. She is recently awarded the Doctorate in Fine Art from the RMIT University.

簡歷 - 盧玉燕

盧玉燕的繪畫早期專注於中國藝術。在2004年獲澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學碩士,並於2008年獲博士學位。她的作品包容中西藝術形色及概念,近年的畫作主題環繞社會形態及文化意識,嘗試從不同的角度反映香港九七後社會日漸轉變的動態與價值觀、文化及身份的重組。盧玉燕曾在多國及本地藝術館與畫廊展出,獲多次獎項,作品被香港藝術館、香港大學博物館、杭洲君悅酒店、澳門皇冠酒店、曼谷太平洋會所、瑞士Forsberg A.G. 、上海Debeboise & Plimpton律師行、溫哥華卑詩大學、海內外各大機構及私人收藏。

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