Monday, February 23, 2009

Megumi Shimizu (清水惠美)(日本)

Megumi Shimizu

Born 1971
Imagine Gallery represented artist

Conception of the works:
Two or three years ago, I’ve visited the exhibition of Yves Klein in France. I’d seen his works exhibited in Japan a couple of times. But that was the first time in France. I’ve got a totally different feeling by viewing his works in Japan and in France. I’d studied Japanese drawings, also Chinese painting’s theory in Japan. I’d also been to a lot of exhibitions of Asian art in the west. I had viewed many art works from the west. But I discovered there are some feelings that turn out from western art, these feelings does not exist in our life at all. In fact, the west art history has been treaded as the biggest part while we study the world art history. But there are many other kinds of culture that exist in this world, aren’t there? The concept of contemporary art was found and based on the western art. So my topic is the contradiction and assimilation between the local cultures and the contemporary art concepts which are developing and processing by the art and culture community whom also exist beside the western art.

The Motivation of the works:
Why we also talk about the “Nu yishu”- “Female Art” in China but never talk about the “Nan yishu” – “Male art”?
Why in the signs of restrooms, we’re always using the blue color to describe the Man? And to describe Woman is always by using Red?
Why the most common model for sketch works has always been a woman?
Although guess there are tons of answers, there is still not a good one for it. So, I decided to use performance to express these feelings, using the model of Yves Klein to perform. But the color and the model are different. The performance is different either. Then we could bring up different culture, other kinds of culture.


两,三年以前在法国看到了Yves Klein的展览。我曾在日本看过他的作品好几次,但在法国看他的作品是第一次。当时看他作品的感觉是和以前在日本看他作品的时候是完全不一样的。我学过日本画,也读过中国画的画论(日语翻译的),在西方时也去看了很多亚洲美术。我开始学习当代艺术的时候,看过很多西方的东西。但发现有些西方作品当中的感觉,在我们生活里是没有的。确实,我们学习世界美术史的过程中,占最大比例的是欧洲美术史,但世界上还有很多其它的文化,不是吗?当代艺术的概念本来就是在欧洲美术的基础上做出来的概念。所以我的话题是,在西方以外的文化圈的艺术家的发展过程中,本地文化和当代艺术概念的矛盾和消化。

为什么在中国说“女性艺术”? 没有说“男性艺术”?
用Yve krein的方式来做行为。但颜色和模特是不一样的。行为者也是不一样的。所以,会表达出来别的文化。

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